Command Connect

Command Connect is an intersectional mentorship program that provides an opportunity for female and nonbinary students to explore STEM from new perspectives.

Get connected

Going and growing.

As a part of the Command Connect program, which runs every 2 months, you will be able to explore your interests, meet new people from around the world, and grow your network!

As a mentee, you will hear and learn from someone that is currently in the position that you are working towards. As a mentor, you will be providing guidance and advice that you wish were shared with you when you were younger! Together, you will form a unique bond grounded in your shared love for technology.

Mentor/mentee pairs are matched based on areas of interest ( eg. cybersec, data science, robotics, etc.), similarities in timezones, and other shared goals/interests!

Command Connect is unique and fluid in the sense that as a mentor/mentee pair, you will have full control over how often you meet, when you meet, and how you meet! On top of that, you'll be invited to Command Tech's discord where you can hangout with each other and occasionally, we host community events that give you an opportunity to meet other mentors and mentees in the program! We only serve to connect and advise, you get to naturally form those personal relationships!

Meet amazing people and learn through hands-on projects.

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Ruqaiyah AngelesMentor
Command Tech is a truly amazing program! I've been paired up with the most enthusiastic, personable mentees and enjoyed every cycle of networking, events, and projects.
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Hana Gabrielle BidonMentor
Command Connect is an amazing opportunity to talk to women in STEM and receive guidance.
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My experience with Command Connect was very insightful, and I learned a lot from my mentor.